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10 November 2011 @ 04:34 pm
May be you are another hero?  
Hi everyon! Did you know that many countries have already declassified the documents which confirm existence of aliens. There are proofs that bases of aliens exist on the Moon. And even United Nations is going to appoint special person responsible for future contacts with aliens. Planet Nibiru is flying to the Earth, we are expecting the poles shift. What else the planet Earth and the humankind should survive? What outer space events we are expecting on 2011-2012?
How can we influence on humankind destiny? In order to help the Earth to avoid catastrophe we created an international video project "Through apocalypse.” We want it to work like global warning system. Its purpose is to inform everyone about what is happening on the Earth, and find like-minded people who want to participate in the real help to people in different countries. If you are such a person, please join our investigation. (Other movies are comming very soon.)You'll find all information in our live journal. http://pr-apocalypse.livejournal.com/
Hope to see you soon in our ranks…
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